How to Create an Altar for your Pet

How to Create an Altar for your Pet

Collars, toys, beds, bowls, favorite blankets. All these things are going to remain after your pet dies. They will be there as a reminder to your loss, and I know it is so hard to throw these things out. 

Have you considered using these items to create an altar for your pet? 

First, clear a space on a table, mantle, bookshelf, or even out in the yard in his or her favorite hang out. Then just add those objects, collar, tags, blanket, that remind you most of your pet. 

Some general ideas are: 

* Framed picture of your cat or dog (or other little one, of course) 

* Candle to burn in his or her honor 

* Poem you or your children have written 

* Jewelry box to hold small items 

* Mini shelf or actual altar on which to place items (you can purchase altars from most new age stores, or build your own) 

* Use the bowl to hold all the items

Just be creative. Let your kids help. they will come up with some surprisingly creative ideas. 

What about the blankets and beds? have you thought of making a memorial quilt? Cut out some pieces of fabric and sew them together. Or find a pillow and just sew a bit of the fabric onto it. Maybe embroidering your pet’s name under it. 

You can also buy a shadow box and put collars, pictures, leashes, toys, and more in there. Try going to craft stored and see what they have.

Make a pet memorial scrapbook. All your favorite pictures, some poems or stories of your pet’s antics. Use the collar, tags, blanket to decorate either inside or on the cover.

Be well, 


p.s. The photo at the top is a perfect example of an altar that a customer made for her kitty, Snuggles. It is the first photo of a pet urn I received when I started my business. Thank you Patti.