Choosing the Best Pet Cremation Urn for Your Angel

Choosing the Best Pet Cremation Urn for Your Angel

It hits us at the hardest time. A time when our head is unclear, filled with grief, loss, maybe shock. We usually tend to outlive out pets, but still, when they die, it almost always is a shock. Even if we know it is coming, the depth of pain and loss is what creates the shock. We do not imagine, in advance, what it will feel like.

Wow. What an awful time to have to think of something as basic as a cremation urn. But it is what we must do.

There are many choices of urns out there. My recommendation would be to ask yourself these questions:

* Do I need a temporary or permanent urn?

-You can buy biodegradable urns if you wish to bury your pet soon after, or you can buy a more permanent urn. One that can have the ashes taken out at a much later date (say, if you would like to bury their ashes with you)

* Where will I be placing the urn?

-Decor may seem superficial at a time like this, but you do need the urn to be something that you can look at and find happiness whenever you do.

* What size pet urn will work for me?

-This is one of your basic questions when deciding what is right for you. If you are scattering or dividing up some of the ashes, then you have a bit more leeway in choosing a size. You can always choose larger if you aren’t sure. The basic rule of thumb is 1 lb. = 1 cubic inch of urn space. Each cremation business is a little different, but this estimation should cover all variables. Size has an asthetic element as well. It is absolutely fine to choose the size of the urn based on where you would like to place it and how visible you would like it to be.

* When I think of my little angel, what image comes to mind? (silly, elegant, tiny, happy, graceful?)

-All these options are out there. Browse the internet, visit the pet cemetery, ask your cremation company about pet urns.

* How much money can I afford?

-This is, of course, quite personally up to you. If you cannot afford the most expensive, it does not mean you didn’t love your angel dog/cat. Do not judge yourself by that.

* Do I want a customized urn, or simply an urn that reflects his/her nature?

-Custom urns are made to order, therefore might (not necessarily so) be a bit more pricey. Check around.

* What would other members of the family wish for?

-This loss will affect all of your family (surprisingly, friends as well), so talk to the other members of your family so they can share their input. This might be a good act of closure for the younger members of the family as well.

These are all thing you need to take into consideration before you purchase an urn. As a maker of urns, I have come to understand that it is much more than buying a piece of art, or a box. It is something that has so much more meaning. My own personal experience in creating my urns is that I feel a huge responsibility towards the purchaser, and making sure they are happy, as a pet urn is symbolic of the love they gave to us and we to them.

Take care,