Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a loving memorial for my cat or dog?

There are many different ways to honor the memory of your loved pet. Memorials are best when the imagination is free to gather what ideas it may. Some ideas for inside memorials: place your pet’s urn on a family altar, arrange a small corner of a table or shelf with his or her picture, the urn, and small mementos like a favorite toy, the urn on a table with a vase containing a fresh flower picked from the garden. The urns sit nicely on a mantle or right down near the fire in the hearth. You can place the urn in your pet’s favorite spot in the house and you will always be reminded of how happy your pet was in the home.

How to Order a Custom Urn?

You can go ahead and choose which urn and size from the urn shop page. Then I will send you an email with some questions that will help you decide what additions you would like. If it is easier, you can send me an email at, or send a FB message, before ordering, and I can create a sketch of the memorial for you.

What is the best size urn for my pet?

On each page next to the size of the urn it will tell you what size pet can fit into the urn. Always try to allow for a little extra room inside. If you are in doubt, just go up a size. You can always go larger for asthetic reasons as well. Sometimes it is a good idea to think of where you want to place it, and then think of what size will look best there.

How Long Does it Take to Create a Pet Urn?

I offer two different types of urns: Readymade Urns, that I have made in advance are are ready to go, and Custom Urns, which does take longer.

The process in creating your custom urn is a multi step process, and I give each urn the attention and time it needs to be created. The turnaround time is approximately 8-12 weeks, although I do try to keep it on the shorter side. On occasion it can take longer, but that is rare and feel free to check in with me if you have a specific deadline.

If you are buying a ready made urn, I ship out within 3 days.

What Are Some Options I Can Choose for My Urn?

Here are some ideas that you can add to your urn. Feel free to add in your own!

  • Tiara or crown
  • Three dimensional ears (upright)
  • Three dimensional whiskers
  • Name tag hook
  • Four paws
  • Angel wings
  • Tail
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Gemstones
  • Butterflies, hearts, etc.
  • Gemstone feet
  • Any thing else you  may have in mind
  • Text you would like on the back.
How to Contact Me?

Please email me at or FB message me.

How to Care for My Urn?

A good rule of thumb is to treat your pet urn just like you would a ceramic urn. I do seal each urn with a number of clear coats, so all you need to do is dust. If you wish to leave the urn outside, you will need to occasionally recoat the urn . Please let me know and I can add a marine varnish to the urn.

Why shoud I buy a custom, artist-created sculpture instead of a mass produced urn?

All I can say in answer to this is: your dear loved pet was not mass produced, honor that. As special as you dog, cat, bird, fish, or bunny was, remember them that way after they pass to the rainbow bridge. These pet urns are not only urns, they are also hand crafted works of sculpture.

What is unique about these urns?

All my urns are made by hand. They are truly as unique as your pet. Each one has it’s own essence. No two will ever look alike. Your pet was special, it is so important that you memorialize him or her in a special way.

What Are the Urns Made Of?

My pet urns are a combination of different metals and apoxie clay. On occasion, I do use wood, gemstones, found stones, and other media that adds to the beauty of the funeral urn.

How Are the Custom Pet Urns Created?

I am the sole creator of these pet urns. I hand craft them from start to finish. Stay tuned and I will have process photos. There are so many steps that go into creating each dog or cat urn that I am still trying to capture the photos. Thank you for your patience!

How do I place the ashes into the urn?

Each urn gets shipped out with a funnel, a plug, epoxy and instructions. The ashes go through the funnel into a 1/2″ opening in the urn. Then simply place the epoxy on the “teeth” of the plug, push it into the pre-drilled hole and allow it to set for a few hours.

What if I am not satisfied with my urn?

If there is a problem with your urn, it will be replaced at no extra charge. Please email me first so I know to expect it.

How do I choose a pet cremation urn?

There are a number of different types of pet cremation urns. Each on will speak to a different taste, but they all have the same function. There are wooden boxes, metal urns, biodegradable urns, hand crafted and mass produced pet urns. At Alex in Welderland I only offer hand crafted pet urns, made by myself. I also make sure that my urns are exclusive and not offered anywhere else. But that does not make ours the only option. Sometimes pricing plays a factor. Or speed. Sometimes a simple wooden box is all you need. Every choice is good. 
There are some things you want to look for when purchasing a pet urn.

1- Quality. Is the urn going to hold up over a long period of time? Will the glue on wood hold? Are there any cracks in the seams that will expand with changes in temperature that will allow cremains to come through?

2- Seal. Is the urn securely sealed? Will the top come off if the urn is accidentally knocked over? Will the sealing method last over a long period of time?

3- Heart. Does the urn speak to your heart? Does the urn make you smile, make you remember the happy and joyful times with your pet?

Where are your pet urns made?

All my pet urns are made here in the USA, handcrafted by me.

What is unconditional love?

Being met at the door every time you walk in with joy, love and happiness. Even if you just walked outside for 2 minutes. Being in a bad mood, sad mood, happy mood. It does not matter. They are so happy to be with you. Knowing that there is nothing that you do that will ever change the way they feel about you. You can be silly, stupid, make mistakes, chew with you mouth open, say the wrong thing, say the right thing, say it over and over, or say nothing at all. There is no judgement in their eyes. They just want you to be happy and they just want to be with you. How simple is that? Why can’t the rest of the world be so wonderful and learn from the love of our pets?

Should I euthanize?

This is the hardest choice we, as loving and caring pet owners/caretakers, must face. Our dogs and cats cannot tell us when they are in pain. They are so stoic and hide most of their discomfort. An animal in the wild often walks away from it’s herd, group or pack to go alone and let go. There is a natual cycle of life we must all face. We have to be the judges of their life quality. We have to make sure we are not keeping them here longer (with medicines and surgery) than their comfort allows. When Peekay, my Catahoula Leopard Dog, was sick with cancer, I wanted to keep him with me, I researched everything I could to find some way of keeping him healthy. But it was for me. In a way I am glad that his cancer was so advanced that there was no option. For I fear I might have put him through discomfort while trying to make it alright for me, keeping myself from the loss of my heart. I wrapped him in one of my blankets, hoping he could smell me better and know I was there as he was going into a coma. 

Holding him in my arms as the vet injected him was the absolute hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life.I lay there for hours with him. I just couldn’t leave him. Four years later the pain is still here. My heart still hurts. I do not regret my decision, the only other option was to let him suffer as he left this world. He had given me too much for me not to be the brave one at this point. This is a very personal decision, I have right to say what others should or should not do. All I can do is share my experience. Thank you. And I hope I can help you with my creations to give you some closure and some rest of heart.

How do I explain the loss of our pet to a child?

I have no children. Only pets. And sometimes it is fortunate that they cannot understand the English language. I think truth is always the best. But I think truth can be told without frightening your child. Each parent knows their child the best. Knows what they understand, knows how they proccess information. Speak what is in your heart gently, and with love, and it cannot be wrong.

How do I cremate my pet?

Pet cremation is becoming more and more common. As pets become one of the family, their aftercare becomes more like how we would treat our family. Every vet has a connection to a crematorium. If you trust your vet, he or she will have a reputable cremation service to recommend. Even if your dog or cat dies at home, just give your vet a call and they will guide you locally. 

If you do not have access to a vet, then a quick search on google will pull up a pet crematory close to your home. If you have trouble finding one, please feel free to email me and I will get you the information. And, of course, please visit my pet urns to see if I can create something especially for your little one. To learn more about the cremation process itself, you can got to Cremation.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Alex in Welderland and Custom Pet will not share any information you provide with any other third party. Ever.



“Dear Alexandra, 

I received Lula’s urn a few days ago….it’s really hard to put into words just how lovely it is.  It looks exactly like Lula did when she was curled up asleep…it’s incredible that with a few curved lines and impressions, Steve was able to evoke my Lula so perfectly.  What amazing artistry.   My boyfriend and I both cried like brokenhearted children when we opened it.  Truly it is everything I hoped it would be – a beautiful, original, comforting, personal and worthy memorial for my beloved Lula.”  

I want you to be as satisfied as possible with your angel’s new home. I wish I could say I never make mistakes, but then I would not be human. If there is a mistake with your order, please let me know immediately and will redo it free of charge. I will send you a return label and will prioritize making it right within a week of receipt on my end and get it back to you. I will pay for shipping both ways. I want you to be 100% happy with your urnAll my urns are handcrafted and customized for you, so I cannot accept returns on them. If it is a specific issue, let me know, and I will do what I can to help.The urn creation process takes a long time, so I start on them right away. If you need to cancel an order, please let me know within 24 hours after purchase.On non-custom urns, I do accept exchanges, simply send me an email and we can take it from there. 

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