Giving thanks to our pets.

Giving thanks to our pets.

They have given us so much. They give us endless love. Endless. 

Thank you, Marie.

Thank you. 

For your love. 

For your kindness. 

For your patience. 

For the peace you bring to my life. 

For the warmth of your fur. 

And of your heart. 

For distracting my from my problems. 

For making me laugh at the most inconvenient times. 

For being ready to go with me at a moment’s notice. 

For the pitter patter of your toenails on the floor. 

For hiding all the bones I give you. 

For that little faux nip you gave the cable guy (yes, I shouldn’t be watching so much t.v.) 

For sitting so patiently in the car. On your side. Where I am not allowed to put anything, ever, or suffer your look of disdain. 

For rolling in the grass. 

For sleeping on your pillow. 

For asking for ear rubs. 

For allowing me to make you safe in thunderstorms. 

For teaching me to lounge around and do nothing in the sun. 

Thank you. 

My darlingest dog. 

Thank you. 

(And a special thank you for the kitty with no name. I am sorry I could not help you. I am sorry you were suffering. I am sorry if I did the wrong thing. Thank you for giving me that moment of love. You are in my heart always. Even if it is now broken. I love you.) 

Passionate Love and Our Pets

The loss of a loved pet hurts so much because we are so passionate about them. They love us so freely, so totally, that we cannot help but love them back with that same freedom. And that is what makes us vulnerable. 

We may have human relationships where we have learned to put up protective defenses, but we have no need to put up defenses against the pets that love us. We are open. Both to the love and to the pain. We have no wall, we have no past history, we have nothing that stands in the way of our love. 

That is a good, wonderful, amazing thing. So our hurt, however painful it may be, is also a reaffirmation of our love. That we are able to give it so freely, so openly, so totally. 

So in your pain, see it for what it really, truly, is: love. 

Allow it to go free. Time will take it and send it on just like a balloon that has been released by a child into the sky…