It’s Been a Long Time

Pet Loss Strength

Since I wrote a blog post. Years, actually. I have been immersed in the work of creation. When I came back from my couple of year hiatus from sculpting urns, I had to reinvent my process completely. My hands could no longer hold up to hours of welding. And, to be honest, I kept having that nagging feeling that there are only so many years you can weld before things start giving out.

So I switched to something smaller. Something easier. But it just didn’t last. I had to come back to this. Creating art for people experiencing loss is so hard, but I think I accepted that it is such an integral part of who I am.

The wonderful thing is that when I was working on smaller things, I was learning how to sculpt in a whole new way. A way that gave me more freedom to create my vision. And also a way to create my life living in nature. Nature heals. And I think that is what gives me support in working with loss all the time. It brings me back to strength. So I can hold that space for others.

And that is just wonderful.

Love to all,


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