How to Write a Poem to Honor Your Pet

When our pet leaves us, we are left with an open space. An unfulfilled space. A family pet leaves a hole in the family unit, and a single pet owner loses their ‘partner’. Taking action to memorialize your cat or dog, or any other furry, feathered or scaled friend, can really help you heal.One wonderful option is to write a poem. It does not even need to rhyme. It just needs to be from your heart. You can start by making a list of everything you loved about your pet, the silly faces, the funny way he or she slept, how regal and serene they were. Anything and everything you can think of. Think of his or her favorite toys, activities, snacks. Ask family and friends for their input as well. The list is as open as your memories. Just this step alone will allow you to feel closer to your pet. It may be hard, so only do it when you really feel ready.

Read over the list. Highlight those things that you think are most representative of your memories. Gather up about 5-15 memories and separate them out. Now, add your feelings and emotions. Think of words that describe your feelings. Think of words that describe your memories. Colors, sounds, scents. Does ‘sun dappled fresh cut grass’ remind you of the mornings they started out by rolling in the grass? Descriptive words will reflect emotions. Start to play with the words. Combine them id different ways, replace abstract words with concrete visuals, see what happens.

By now, something will have developed. Words, feelings, thoughts, will start to paint the picture of your loved pet and how you feel about him or her. My personal recommendation is to find a closing line at this point. Something that sums up your pet, your memory, or your feeling.

Remember, the words not have to rhyme (I never rhyme with my poems). Start to read it out loud, or have someone read it to you. You will hear where the rhythm works, where it does not. You can refine that until you feel satisfied, changing up some words here and there so it just ‘sounds right’.

And, when you have done that, that is all you need. You have your poem. You have your wonderful memory of your pet. And, as I am sure you have guessed, you have been able to use this exercise as a way to relive, remember, and honor the memory of your loved, sweet, angel.

Remember, writing a memorial poem is something you can do together with family (everyone can write their own or combine your memories), or alone in solitude and respectful remembrance.

You can also get some ideas on how to create a memorial altar for your pet: How to Create a Memorial Altar for your Pet

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