I can’t stand this.

I can’t stand this.

Cherubina, the feral, has been gone for a while now. Another feral has been hanging around and I finally decided to ‘adopt’ her. 

I think I do not want to ‘adopt’ any more ferals. 

The kids in the neighborhood came by telling me that there was a cat acting funny on the street. Of course it was her. She had no control over the movements of her body, her legs went every which way and she was doing somersaults into the air. We caught her and brought her in to the shelter. There was nothing they could do. Just put her out of her pain. I came home again and found her single kitten. Bottle fed her overnight. Took her in to the shelter to find a foster parent for her (they have a pretty great program here). (BTW, I am very allergic to cats and that is why I needed to find a different foster.) 

But she was very sick as well. And she was so tiny. Just a little button. 

Kills me. 

Something needs to be done. 

We need to educate each and every person about taking care of our pets. 

We really do. It will be quiet here again when he goes today. Just me ‘n Marie. For now…