I went to the pound today

I went to the pound today

My sisters were in town and I told them the sad story of a little white dog, all small and sick and shaking. She had been there for months, poor dear. My sister said if I could get her flown to Tennessee, she would take her. 

The little girl was gone. she was so sick, it might have been for the best. I will make a pet urn for her. when I create new pet urn designs, I often use names of little ones that have stayed in my heart, even if I never knew them. 

I have to make a pet urn for Cherubina (aka Cherry) as well. She was my feral cat who slept on my porch. She was hit by a car last week and I had to take her in to be put to sleep as well. God, I just hate all that. How do we let all these animals suffer? 

So, the little white doggie was gone (maybe someone took pity?), and I spent my time visiting all the other pets awaiting homes there. I think what is the worst for me is not the thought that they will be put down, which is horrific, but the fact that they may just get adopted into a horrible, neglected, abusive situation. That scares me the most. 

This business called me to it, making pet urns, so I could help people with their sadness, and also so I could somehow help dogs and cats as well. 

Some days, it is really, really hard. 

I look out my window and just feel those little ones living lonely lives at the pound, or in worse places. I just realized that I can see the pound from my window. And my heart just drops today. 

I apologize for not being as uplifting as I would like to be today. 

But it brings me joy to know that everyone finding this site, is finding it out of love.