It’s Been Awhile…The Return of Custom Pet Urns

Painted Puppy Pet Urn

Wow. It has been a while since I’ve blogged here. As many of you know, I retired from creating pet urns about a year and a half ago. And about a half a year ago I could no longer not create urns for you. I had so many requests, and I felt such guilt over not being able to create them. How could I create a beautiful urn for Spot, and then not create another for Ginger once the time came? And I missed it. Animals are my world, and I know they are for so many of you as well.

So here I am, creating urns and memorials once again. And I am so excited to be here. How did this happen? Well, honestly, I stopped creating urns because the process was starting to affect me physically. Welding uses so many toxic elements. And the day after I would find breathing difficult. And yet, there was someone waiting on an urn, and I couldn’t disappoint them. So I powered through it. Finally, I had to make my health a priority. So I let it go. I transitioned into creating jewelry . I started to fall in love with a copper process called electroforming. One day I am driving to my shop and the thought just pops into my head: why don’t I make copper urns using the magical process that I was using for my jewelry? So I experimented with creating small, keepsake pet urns. Both for dogs and cats. And they were darling. And I fell in love. And all the wonderful feelings about creating urns came back. I could create a memorial urn without the health dangers. How fabulous. It just feels magical!

So here I am, back with you. I am here to support you in your grief and loss. I am honored to be in this place again. And there is a shift. There is a newfound peace and focus to the urns I’m making now. It is so much more hands on. I really feel as if I am handcrafting them, as I no longer have to touch the urns through thick, heavy gloves. Rather, my hands are right in the clay, sculpting with love and honor.

I am blessed and humbled, actually.

With love,