Let Love Back in After Losing Your Pet

Separation causes suffering. And there is no further separation than death. I am so very sorry if you are going through this experience right now. I have been there. At some point in time, so many of us are going to go through this experience of death. We feel so low. We feel we cannot recover. We feel nothing can fill that hole in our heart. But we will. We can recover. All we have to do, after our grief, after our mourning, is to let love back in.

And it will come back. We just have to allow for it. Often, while in grief, we want to protect our heart from breaking any further. We want to safeguard ourselves from any more pain. But, what that does is the reverse. We separate from others and cause ourselves more suffering. What we need to do is connect. Allow and accept other love to repair our heart.

When our heart breaks, it has huge cracks, holes, empty spaces. Think of love as the glue that puts it back together. Love is what will make us whole again, allows us to move on.

It can be hard to let others in, let love in. Especially when we don’t feel understood. Or we feel scared, or in too much pain. Sometimes that is when we reject love, because we just want the love of who we have lost, not believing that other love can help fill in those places of pain and help heal us.

I often counsel my clients to think of it from your pet’s point of view. He or she loved you. He or she would absolutely want you to feel loved. It doesn’t matter to them where the love comes from, as long as you receive it.

So, allow yourself to take action through your grief. Allow other people to listen to your heart. Allow another cat to rub up against you, another dog to lick your palm. Allow yourself to feel that love. And allow yourself to accept it.

Open your heart through the pain and you will find that it really isn’t so hard to do so.

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