Pass on the Love- Pet Adoption

Pass on the Love- Pet Adoption

Sometimes, when you are in the middle of loss and pain, when the death of your pet is still to fresh to think about adding a new love to your life, just going out and giving love is a good idea. 

Not that it will erase the pain of loss, but giving back will give you a place to put that energy, give it direction. 

Every city’s animal services has cats and dogs and bunnies and birds that need love. They are scared. They are in a new environment and really need some grounding, exercise and, most of all, love. They can use the love that you have. 

And you can use the fur they have to snuggle in, to cuddle with, to just know that you are giving an animal the love it needs and deserves. 

They are in such a hard place. Think of softening it with your love…