Pet Rescue and Abuse Resources

Pet Rescue and Abuse Resources

*Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Best friends is a wonderful organization and resource for animal welfare.

*Dogs Deserve Better
A chained, neglected dog is terrible to see. Dogs are a social species that get psychological and physiological issues for being isolated without opportunity for love and excercise. It it a horrible life and no dog should be subject to it. This organization is out to change the culture of neglect.

*Pet Finder
This site is great for finding your next angel. It aggregates dogs and cats from rescues around the country.

*ASPCA Top Ten Ways to Prevent Animal Cruelty
it all starts with you. Once on the site, browse the left menu for more ways to fight animal cruelty.

Laws, legal cases, databases of cases. Good for the legal side of this horrible crime.

*The Animal Rescue Site
The easiest way to give! You just click on the big button and it helps feed a pet. (and do look at the ads, that’s how they make the money)

*Rover Rescue Rover Rescue is a fabulous organization in the South Bay that has just wonderful, sweed dogs up for adoption!

* Finally, you can always Google ‘pet rescue’ and your city/state, and it will bring up local resources for rescues if you need help close to home. They will guilde you in the right direction.

Thank you for doing your part to help make these animals’ lives better!!!

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.