Pet Urn and Memorial Glossary

To help you in this difficult time, here is a glossary of terms to assist you. These are not exact dictionary terms, they are given more specifically in relation to pets and the loss of your pet, so you are able to navigate everything that comes with the death of your pet.

angel: a benevolent being/energy/spirit that is a go between between heaven and earth. The spirit of our beloved pets.

ashes: what remains after the act of cremation. They are not actually ‘ashes’ in the way we think of what remains after a fire, rather they are more like particles of sand.

beloved: dearly loved. A person or pet that is loved by someone. (can apply to ‘things’ as well)

bereaved: the ‘family’ of the deceased pet. Family is in the heart, so (in my opinion) it applies to whoever feels the loss.

biodegradable urns: made of organic, biodegradable paper. These urns are meant as temporary vessels, and are buried or cast into the ocean along with the ashes they contain.

casket: a box or chest in which to bury your pet. A casket is the same as a coffin.

cemetery: the area of ground dedicated to the burial of your loved one. A body in a casket, or the cremated remains can be buried here.

cenotaph: an empty tomb or a monument for someone who has been buried elsewhere. This is an idea if you no longer have your pet’s ashes.

ceramic urns: urns most often shaped in the classic ‘urn’ shape, they can also be hand crafted into cat or dog forms.

chapel: the room in which a funeral service is conducted. You can create a chapel anywhere as a place to honor your pet and give him or her a memorial service.

coffin: a box or chest in which to bury your pet. A coffin is the same as a casket.

columbarium: a building designed to hold urs containing cremated remains. This can be a small area in your house if you have multiple pets. Maybe a cabinet dedicated in their honor.

coping: the mechanism we use to handle the stress and grief of losing a pet.

cremains: another term to refer to the ashes that remain after cremation.

cremation: to reduce a body to ashes (cremains) by heat.

crematorium: an incinerator which reduces the body to ash by use of intense heat. 

crematory: a place or furnace to cremate. You can request that your pet is cremated privately, to ensure you get his or her ashes back.

cremulator: a machine to process the larger pieces down to smaller fragments which will take on the consistency of ‘ash’ or gravelly sand.

glass urns: urns which are pressed, blown, etched, or cut. Stained glass urns also fit into this category.

grave: a place of burial. 

grave marker: can also be referred to as a headstone, tombstone, or gravestone. It is used to indicate the location of a grave.

hand crafted: made by hand. The opposite of machine or mass produced.

headstone: see above.

keepsake urn: an urn that holds a small portion of cremated remains to symbolize your pet. It can be of any size, but it is usually a smaller item. To be kept in memory of your pet. Keepsake urs can come in the form of jewelry as well.

love: a positive emotion of affection. A deep connection of spirity. Our connection with God. The energy between our pets and ourselves.

metal urns: urns created from brass, copper, steel, bronze and other metals. These can be cast, hammered, hot formed, cold formed or fabricated.

pet urns: a variety of safe vessels in which to hold the cremated ashes of your pet.

pet burial: the act or ceremony of burying or interring the dead. You can choose a local pet cemetery, or check with your city/county for local ordinances regaring the burial of your pet.

pet cemetery: a place to bury your pet. A graveyard. You can check with your local vet to find the closest pet cemetery in your area.

pet memorial: a monument to celebrate the memory of your pet. This can be a physical object, something written, or an event.

wood urns: urns made out of varied woods to hold your pets ashes. They often are created as rectangular boxes or classic ‘urn’ shaped vessels.

marble urns: marble urns can be 100% marble, or a mix of marble powder and resin that is then cast into the shape of an urn. This can lower both the weight and cost of the pet urn.

photo urns: a pet urn that includes a photo of your pet. A photo can be added to all different kinds of urns: metal, ceramic, marble, wood.

prayer: a reverent petition. The act of communication with God, god, and/or spirit.

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