Preparing for the Death of Your Beloved Pet

As often is the case, we will have the horrible knowledge that it is just a matter of time before we have to make the choice of putting our pet to sleep. 

It is both a blessing and a curse. The silver lining is that we can really focus on quality time. We get a chance to say goodbye. We get to really connect. 

It is a chance for us to make sure we get to say everything we have wanted to say. It is a chance to spoil our angels with love. (and treats in my opinion, but I am not a vet) 

Yet for anyone who does not get that chance, you must remember that they already know how much you love them. That is why they loved you so much. Love is a long term thing. If you lose your pet after you had to give them a shorter walk than usual, after you had to rush of to work without giving them the attention they deserved that day, remember, that is just life. There is no guilt meant to exist there. These things just happen in life. They are not a big deal unless we make them so. And I am telling you to not make it so. 

Think of your long term love, not just a moment you weren’t perfect. That is what counts. Your dedication, your love, you’re being loved. 

And, before we are put in the position of saying our last minute loving goodbyes, when we are in daily life with our healthy and happy pets, let’s make sure they know we love them. 

I am going to go give Marie a big kiss and hug right now.More to come… 

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