Braille Pet Urns and Memorials

Pet Urn in braille for seeing-eye dogs.


Pets give love to us, they work for us, and those very special ones guide us. I can write your pets name on the back of my pet urns in braille. As all the letters are raised (either braille or not) they are legible by touch. The outline of the face can also be traced by touch. The lines I use to draw on my pet urns are raised up by approximately 1/16″-1/8″. I am very happy to work with you for a custom design that works with the sight impaired.

These urns are perfect for your seeing eye dog.

Also, if there are any other specific needs you have in regards to your urn, please do let me know, as I am very happy to make sure that it is right for you.

-I can write the text in braille on any of my urns, simply make a note of it in your order-

-no extra charge-

10% Discount for Guide Dogs

Simply enter the text BRAILLE into the coupon option and I will take 10% off your pet urn. This applies to all urns.

If you want to see your pet’s name in Braille you can go to this Braille translator and type in his or her name.

For more information on guide dogs you can visit these sites: