Custom Bunny Rabbit Memorial Urn


An adorable bunny rabbit urn for your little loved one.

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Bunnies are such sweet wonderful angels! I am so sorry that you have to be here on this page. But I hope that I can create an urn for you that will help heal your heart and keep their love close to you. I personalize each rabbit urn just for your hoppity angel.

I know that rabbits come with upright ears, floppy ears, furry ears. I can recreate the type of ears your rabbit has, lop eared or upright, as well as add a cotton tail. You can send me a photo or any ideas that you would like to add into the customization to make this urn preciously perfect for your baby.

Some possible options for customization are:

  • Tiara or crown
  • Bunny Tail!
  • Three dimensional ears (upright)
  • Three dimensional whiskers
  • Name tag hook
  • Four paws
  • Angel wings
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Gemstones
  • Butterflies, hearts, etc.
  • Gemstone feet
  • Any thing else you may have in mind
  • Text you would like on the back

Thank you and be well,



Size information. Based on your pet’s healthiest weight.

(If in doubt, order next size up or contact me.)

2″~Keepsake urn. Holds a handful of ashes or a bunny that weighed under 3 lbs.

3″~Holds a pet that weighed up to 10 lbs.

3.5″~Holds a pet that weighed up to 20 lbs.

4″~Holds a pet that weighed up to 28 lbs.

Sometimes this loss is such a shock. We cannot believe they are gone. It feels so empty. Hollow. What should be there is not. But their love is still with us. Our pets never forget us. That is why we will never forget them. I hope that this urn help you remember. Not that you need help to remember. But, somehow, I hope it helps to bring forth the happy memories. Helps to make the grief recede. Somehow. I hope I can give you this gift.


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2", 3", 3 1/2", 4", 5", 6"