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Painted Puppy or Kitty Urn


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Please note that these are the same as the Painted Urn for Dogs and the Painted Urn for Cats , they are just grouped together here.

These urns wonderfully capture the spirit of your dog or cat. They are all unique and painted directly from photos of your own pet. Not much needs to be said about them, as the pictures tell it all. The soulful eyes, the happy smiles, the strong, powerful gazes. I focus on capturing the essence of your little, or big angel. To be with you always.

All I need from you is a photo of your dog or cat and we can get started painting their portrait from there. If you are unsure of what photo to use, you can send me a few and I can let you know which is going to work best. Please note that I work directly from the photo, so a direct, forward facing image will be the best. I can also sculpt the ears to match as well, if you like. Dogs with ears that hang close to their head are usually painted instead of sculpted

Please let me know any questions you may have. I know how hard this can be, and this option can be a wonderful way to keep those wonderful memories close to your heart. Let us help you honor your fabulous pet.

With love,


Please note: I have hand painted all the dog urns shown. The painted cat portraits were all created by the artist Ferril Nawir, who, sadly is no longer with us. I do paint the cat urns as well, but do not have any samples to share with you, so please use the dog portraits to help you get an idea of my hand vs. Ferril’s…

Size information, based on your pet’s healthiest weight:

(If in doubt, order next size up or contact me, there is a tiny bit of flexibility in sizes.)

2~Keepsake urn. Holds a handful of ashes. ~3+ears” tall.

3~Holds a pet that weighed up to 8 lbs. ~4+ears” tall.

3.5~Holds a pet that weighed up to 15 lbs. ~4+ears” tall.

4~Holds a pet that weighed up to 25 lbs. ~5+ears” tall.

5~Holds a pet that weighed up to 55 lbs. ~6+ears” tall.

6~Holds a pet that weighed up to 100 lbs. ~7+ears” tall.

Please note that these urns for pets can be created for people as well. Please contact me if you have a need.



Angels. Angels. Angels. There is not a single pet in this world that is not an angel. The gift of love they give us is irreplaceable. The sadness we feel at their loss is deep. The more of a gift our pets were to us, the deeper the feeling of loss. I am so very sorry for that. I am sorry that you have to go through this loss. I know a pet urn is not going to replace that love. Not even close. But I do hope an urn can help remind you. Can help keep that love present, even when our pet has passed on. This world and the next. So close, yet far apart. Our pets are the connection between them…

“Alex — better late than never!   I wanted to thank you for the beautiful urn – it far exceeded my expectations!   I had a very private special ceremony to place Sandy’s ashes in it.  It was an emotional moment, very sad but at the same time it brought back so many wonderful memories — so it was also very special.  I know Sandy is happy in her new resting place, and her ashes are now in a place of honor in our house (just like she is in my heart).   Thank you for such a special product, you do a magnificent job! ~M”

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