Suffering and Loss

They say the source of all suffering is desire. Wanting something, some one, some life that you do not have. If we didn’t want for anything, we would not feel the loss, the lack. 

We all want love. We all want to give it and to receive it. With our pets, we find it unconditionally. And once they are gone, we feel that lack. And we suffer. We can want to have it back so badly, and it can hurt so very much. The finality of death is so very difficult for us. I wish it wasn’t, but it is a truth we all have to face. 

I wonder if we could feel the ‘enough’, would it relieve our sorrow? If we could appreciate the year, five years, 16 years, we had with our beloved pets, is there a point where we can be grateful for that time more strongly than wanting more of it? If we could celebrate that joy, that love, that togetherness that we had as the be all and end all of everything? 

It is a huge challenge, but what a great way to walk through life, feeling we have enough. To focus daily on being grateful for what we have, what we have had in our past. I want to take this on, joyful in the ‘enough’ of life. Grateful and appreciative more that needy and wanting. 

It is very powerful. It is very beautiful. And it is what our angels want for us. More to come… 

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