Sweet Senior Angel Chadwick’s Story

Sweet Senior Angel Chadwick Needs a Home!

update: Little Chaddy spent the last year of his with us. He passed on July 5. It was a joy to see him shine. We love you Chaddy.

I was reading this dog rescue blog (The Mutt Scouts) and was powerfully moved by Chad’s Story. I couldn’t let him die in a shelter! So few people help the senior dogs! He was depressed, ignored, overlooked. There was no reason I could not foster him.

Yay! We got him in time. We saved him!

So here he is. A big cuddly bear. When the rescue brought him over he immediately went into the furthest corner of the yard and pushed himself as far against the fence as possible and stayed there. We decided to put his bed right there so he could be more comfortable and safe, far away from scary us.

chad dog rescue

He stayed there for about a week. I could toss treats to him and slowly could get closer and closer to him over the course of a week. Gently. Slowly. Baby steps. He got braver. I would pet him. He would tense up, then relax, as he realized getting pet was a good thing, a wonderful thing!

I put another bed up closer to the house. He slowly decided he preferred to sleep there. And would actually poke his head around the corner every now and then. When he would see us looking back at him he quickly retreated back around the corner. Like a turtle darting back into is shell.

Somewhere in the second week he would start coming up to me and taking treats out of my hand. He would take it and walk away again.

Week three had him poking his head into the kitchen. All the good smells come from there! I had also moved one of the beds to about 20 feet from the kitchen door. That was perfect for him. He was at a safe distance, yet could watch the goings-on and be a part of it all.

chad dog rescue

My big, tall, boyfriend Michael is deep voiced, 6’4″. We figured getting Chad to come up to him would be near impossible. But week three had Chad eating out of his hand. At this point, Chad was very sure that all good things come out of the kitchen, and, when I would be preparing his dinner, he started to feel free enough to get excited about it. He would do a happy dance and smile and do a little bit of excited barking. (as a reminder, look at him hereagain. He’s come a long way!)

Finally, we moved one of the beds into the living room. Wow! Big step. That week Chad would come in and sniff it and run right out. Over the course of the week, the big guy would actually lay down on it! For a whole minute! Then the minutes turned to multi minutes, then hours. Now? You can’t keep him off of that bed! The outdoors? Yeah, that is for peeing, pooping, and a little perimeter sniff. Then back in the house like all the other ‘people’ do.

Sweet angel Chad has come a long way! He is blossoming. He no longer cowers, but does happy dances. He smiles and knows he is a big goof. He cuddles. He gets all serious when you pet him. It’s serious business.

Now he needs a forever home! He is ready!!!

He is a little deaf. He has a hard time walking, but is getting better. Sometimes the poor guy falls down. But it is from getting overly excited and happy!

He loves walks. He loves to cuddle. He is a big, furry bear!

He is funny! One of those dogs that just makes you laugh!

He gets along just fine with the cat. At first he was curious, now he just sniffs and ignores him. (and that is one pushy cat, btw…)

Can you be the person who gives him the life he deserves?

Can you step up to the plate?

Can you give him the comfort he needs in his senior years?

Can you handle all the love Chad can give you? The thankfullness?

Here he is on PETFINDER

He is so very deserving, loving, funny, huggable, easygoing. Chad is super low mantenence. he just loves hanging out!

Below is some of my email updates:

May 30, 2010: “HI Jeff,  I hope it is not too late. I met you last night through Faye. I would love to foster the shy senior dog that you have on your site (911-urgent). I can pick him up at any time, just let me  know. I do have a couple of questions regarding my own senior dog to make sure it would work out, but I have a dog friendly house, a fifth of an acre, a ton of compassion, and a love of soulful dogs. If you think this could work just send me an email or give me a call at 323-637-8685. Take good care, Alex”

June 1, 2010: “hi there Alex. thank you for writing and here is the break down on Chad: Yes, in fact, he is in desperate need of a foster home. His time did run out in the shelter and we sped back on the day he was to be killed and pulled him. As Nikki and I are both full up we had to place him on boarding where he is not doing well. He is depressed and we know this is the worse place for him, but we were hoping for someone to respond to his story and step up to foster. about the man: well it took two separate baths (his first) to get him clean. He has had his shots and been wormed, and we feel is pretty stoked to be untethered for the first time in his life. He gets along well with other dogs, and is still shy/scared/needing to build trust in humans. He likes female people better. He was severely overweight, but is responding well to his reduced calorie food. We think he would be stoked to have a home and yard to putter around. We supply all food and medical for our fosters, Alex. If you would like, Nikki and I can bring him by when it is convenient to meet. We are cognizant that the less time in boarding kennel the better for him…one prison to the next is especially rough on the seniors that have been at the hands of effed up sub-humans. thanks again Alex. here a lot of tomorrow if you want to speak. hope you are well.”

June 1, 2010: “Wonderful! I am so glad you got him in time. I will give you a call tomorrow morning (actually, I don’t think I have your phone #) and you can give me a call anytime at 323-637-8685. You can bring him here, or I can meet you at the kennel, whatever you like. Or, if it is easiest, I can go pick him up myself, if that is possible. I would love to do this first thing in the morning, as I can arrange my schedule to be home most all of the day tomorrow. I agree that is is important to get him out of there, no reason for him to be there any longer. I am ready to give this boy some love! Thanks again for doing this! Have a great night, Alex”

June 6, 2010: “Hi guys! Chad is doing fine. He has migrated up from the far corner, to the closer corner, to the corner that is on the same level as the back door. He is happy to see me and has been walking about a bit more, exploring the yard. I just found some ticks on him this morning that I will be removing today. He is staring in the back door (which I am leaving open at all times for him), and has once or twice walked in. I am letting him get comfortable on his own terms, and not forcing it on him. He is totally comfortable with Marie, and seems fascinated by the cat, but isn’t going after it, which is a good thing. He is also starting to relax with getting pets, and is actually starting to really drink it up. His hips seem pretty bad. I have been giving him some glucosamine/chondroitin supplements, but he may need something more at some point. I am not asking him to to to much exercise or stairs right now, as he does fall on his butt sometimes going up and down stairs. I have just been walking him in the yard, as I am nervous of possibly making them worse for him, until a bit of the weight comes off. I am not quite sure about the exercise because of his , so any input would be great. I know his muscles have atrophied, but am a bit hesitant to push it too much as I don’t want to tweak his hips. Oh, yes, and he is darling! That is my update for now, have a great Sunday! Alex”

June 14, 2010: “I think he is slowly getting better. He still fell off a stair today, but I think that was that his excitement made him go before he was ready. He still has to really think and process each step. I am just having him explore the yard and go up the three flights of stairs each day. (unfortunately he has no where to go that doesn’t involve stairs at my house…) He is getting more happy and excited for things each day. He is starting to let men pet him and give him treats. I have found out that he is a bit of the escape artist. When Marie and I leave, he is pretty insistent on coming with us. I have already had to chase him down the hill once… šŸ™‚ update: he has learned to feel safe and doesn’t try to leave anymore. Yes! We are ready for more sausage and glucos/chon. Also, has he gotten any flea treatment yet? I think he is at the point where he is ready to trust people, and so I am going to start putting the word out on my end for adopters. I wanted to ask you about the process if I find someone who is interested? Do I send them to you or have them go through petfinder? “

June 20, 2010: “Chad really is an amazingly wonderful dog, he really is. He is very loving, playful, and sweet. He is still sometimes afraid to come into the kitchen, but does a really cute bark right outside the (open) door and I think he gets that he is being funny and cute. He loves to be rubbed and cuddled. He gives kisses. I can touch him anywhere. I can touch his food bowl when he is eating. He leaves the cat alone.  He is going to make a great dog for someone who likes shorter, not longer walks. He falls down much less and enjoys short bursts of running. He’s kind of a dream dog for someone that does not want to but the exhaustive hours of having a puppy. (although we did a bit of playful wrastling this morning). Have a great Sunday, Alex”