The Wait

Death after a life long lived. That is how it should be. We all wish that our pets live a long, healthy, happy life. But, unfortunately we don’t always get to choose that. Sometimes it happens suddenly. Sometimes it is long and drawn out. 

I have a dear friend in the hospital right now. Dying from my biggest fear, cancer. It is a wait. And with the wait comes confusion. You wish for them to no longer have to be in pain. But the thought of them being gone from your life forever can be too much to bear. 

My intent in writing this entry was to provide some comfort to all of you who have been, or now are in that place. But I am not sure I have an answer. The only thing I can say is: love. 

Love your little one. Love your little one. Love yourself. Love those around you. And love the moment. This is really all we have. And we have to find love for it. Feel blessed that you have one more moment with your pet. And feel blessed when you know they are no longer in pain. We need to feel the love in every moment, even if we see it as a bad moment. Find that love where you can. 

Be thankful for it all. It makes us human. 


It has been a few years now since my friend (above) died. The loss is still there. Strong. Painful. Sad. Angry. 

But it has also changed. It is bringing together long lost friends to reminisce and reprioritize. 

It is changing to a warm comfort of always feeling my friend with me, especially when I am down. I can feel safe again in his love. 

This is possible for all of us if we let it. The love changes. The experience changes. But, the love does not. Whether it is the death of a pet or the death of a person, that love does not die. 


Look for it. Listen for it. Feel for it. You will find it. 

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