Welcome to the Pet Rescue Resource Page

Welcome to the Pet Rescue Resource Page

There is so much we can do in terms of helping our furry four legged friends. So many people doing so much good work. But there is always more to be done. Here you will find ideas, information, inspiration and some adorable little ones that may steal your heart! (psss…if you hit refresh, a new pet looking for a good home will appear in the box below!)

adopt me please!!! 

*Chad Needs a Home!
The story of my foster dog, Chad. I hope you will share this with someone who can give this sweet, beautiful, senior angel a home!

*Pet Rescue Resources
Here is a list of highly recommended organizations that can help you adopt or rescue a pet.

*A Dog’s Prayer.
This prayer is for cats as well. It is a beautiful reminder of our obligations.

*Information on Dog Fighting
This is so very horrible, we really need to change people’s thinking on this particular version of animal abuse.

*Pass on the Love with Pet Adoption
When your dog or cat dies, the last thing you think of is a new pet. But sometimes it is just what you need…

*Pet Neglect Tales
Sad stories of pet neglect. Pass on to those who might forget how dear our pets are (warning: heartbreaking)

*I Went to the Pound Today…

*I Can’t Stand This
Ferals. These cats need care, love, and help. It just hurts to see these cats suffer.

*Pet Care Tips
Rescue your own pet with these easy pet care tips.

*Pet Rescue Ideas
Rescue ideas you can do on your own or with organizations.