Getting a New Pet After the Loss of Your Pet

Sweetie on Getting a New Pet

There is no replacement for the love you have lost. 

No other little one will fill those pawprints (talons, claws, s-curves, hooves). 

The hole in your heart cannot be randomly filled. 

The love cannot be forgotten. 

But let our love stay open. 

Let us allow others in. 

Our love to give has many places it can go. 

One love does not cancel out another love. 

There can be many loves. 

It is life to love. 

Love is infinite. 

If we give to another it does not mean we take from the first. 

You honor life by giving your love. 

Love is life. 

Let it move you forward. 

Let someone in. 

Let someone give to you. 

Allow yourself to give. 

Love is abundant. 

Let it expand. More to come…❤️