Pet Memorial Services

Pet Memorial Services

A wonderful way to honor your pet is to have a memorial service. It can range from a simple quiet event with your family to a fully catered afternoon with all his or her puppy or kitty friends invited. It allows for closure, honor, love and a place for your grief.

Let yourself do what feels right. A memorial service can be held at any time, so do not feel pressured, You will know if that is the way in which you would like to honor your pet’s death. Also, do not forget those around you who were also affected by the love of your pet and now feel it’s loss. It is not unusual for your neghbor, for example, to have a connection to your pet and would also like to gather in rememberance. 

Some ideas form a small pet memorial (contemplating alone), to a large memorial party:

  • Write a eulogy, some simple words to express how you feel, what your pet brought to you in line, what your pet meant to you. Go to their favorite spot, light a candle, sit quietly and read your letter to your pet. Meditate on what joy you received from your pet, the love you shared.
  • Gather the family one evening, bring out a photo of your pet. Have each member of your family hold the photo and tell a story they remembered of the family pet. Pass around the photo so everyone gets a chance to say something (it can be anything, short or long, just let them do what they need).
  • Pick a sunny afternoon, order food delivered (as simple or elaborate as you wish), send out invites to friends, family and pets alike. Have a joyful afternoon with all your pet’s friends frolicking in the yard. Ask a few well spoken people to get up an say a few words, tell a funny story. Have a moment of silence. Celebrate the joy and love of your pet.
  • Take a hike with friends or family to your pet’s favorite location. Place a (biodegradable) love letter saying goodbye to your angel where they most loved to be. Being out in nature can really help heal the soul.

If you decide on a memorial service for your pet, you may wish to, but do not need to purchase a permament pet urn, you can always use a temporary pet urn, biodegrabdable pet urn, or simply bury pet urns as well (according to the laws in your state, of course). Many churches are starting to creat Pet Memorial Services. If you belong to a church, you can ask about a memorial for your pet there.

As you can see, there are so many different ways to create a memorial service for your pet. It really comes down to what you feel most comfortable with, what will give you a feeling of closure, what you feel will best express the love you had for you pet, or the love your pet had for you.

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