Scattering Your Pet's Ashes After Cremation

I received a phone call yesterday from a man whose dog was, tragically, hit by a car. The death was sudden and he was unprepared. I am so sorry for his loss. what an awful way to lose a pet. (ah, kisses to my little Cherubina in the sky, she was ‘my’ feral, hit by a car as we…) This man was looking for a temporary urn, as he was going to scatter his dog’s ashes in the mountains, but he was waiting for the snow to melt. 

My urns are sculptures that take weeks to create, therefore were of no help to him in this situation. 

My advice to him was to simply find a beautiful box to place either the ashes into, or even place the tin from the crematorium in completely. That way he could look upon the ashes with some sense of beauty as well. 

Another idea might be to wrap the ashes (in the bag they come in) in a beautiful fabric and tie it up with a bow. That way you know the ashes are safe and sound until you can get them to where you wish to release them. 

There are many ways you can create a temporary place to honor your pet. A place on the mantle with fresh flowers and a picture. Have your child decorate the tin the ashes come in. Just come to it from a place of love and it will be right.More to come… 

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