Welcome to the Pet Loss Healing Center

Welcome to the Pet Loss Healing Center

These pages contain articles that will help you heal and find closure. It will happen. You just need some time and patience. Take care, and lots of love to all, Alexandra

*Let Love in After a Pet Dies
It is hard to open your heart and let love back in after losing the pet your loved so much. But it is so important in the healing process.

*Pet Loss and Guilt
Sometimes we can carry guilt with us after the loss of a pet. We don’t need to. This will help you through it.

*Finding Peace
Some ideas to help you quiet the pain you are suffering.

*What you can do today, right now.
Actual, concrete ideas that will bring you comfort in this difficult time.

*The Wait
Waiting can be the hardest part when dealing with the prospective death of a pet.

*Love Your Pet, Even if They are Gone
The love we have for our pets never leaves. It will always be there.

*Giving Thanks
There is so much to be greatful for. If we pause to take a moment to thank our pets, we will be the better for it.

*What Should I Feel When My Pet Dies
All sorts of feelings will come up. How should you feel?

*Poems to Help You Cope
The rainbow bridge poem and some other wonderful poems that can bring you comfort in your time of loss and sadness.

*Pet Quotes
Here are some quotes that might uplift you and give you a smile. Even if for just a moment.

*How Do I Say Goodbye
A simple article on keeping the sadness at bay after the loss of your pet.

*Pet Loss Resources
Here are some other sources that can help you with the loss of your pet.